Mediated picture

Site-specific sculpture
129 black circles, Dibond polyvinyl

Monumento, In-Situ & Land Art Brussels

On view: 16.06-04.11.2018

Description of the work:
This is strange but true art is not a mediated picture (full translation). The installation is a message in braille sign language.

Description of Monumento:
Monumento is a global project dedicated to monumental art in situ and land art developed by Artesio in a large urban park in Anderlecht Brussels. It provides a frame of reference for the study of artistic practices centered on the realization of works using the third dimension. Different axes constitute Monumento: temporary exhibitions, an artist's residence, a documentation center, reflection and analysis activities, animations, or the editing of documents. These different components make Monumento a unique place in Belgium with the aim of promoting the arts of space.

Opening exhibition, APERTUM, with works of Carlos ALBERT, Johan BAUDART, BEPPO, Jean BOGHOSSIAN, Pol BURY, Olivier Jean CALOIN, Joël CANAT, Norman DILWORTH, Rai-ner GROSS, Anneke LAUWAERT, Danielle LESCOT, Charlotte MARCHAL, Jacques MOE-SCHAL, Wouter MULIER, David NATAN, Renée ROHR, Laurent TREZEGNIES, Bernar VENET, Mark VERSTOCKT and André WILLEQUET.