48 times the same thing

Collage, installation, painting
Acrylic, collage, paper, wood frames
48 frames 23 x 23 cm - adaptive settlement

"I AM LOOKING AT A ROOM" is the result of a collaboration between the audiovisual collective TRIPOT (Marius Packbier & Aïlien Reyns) and the visual artist Laurent Trezegnies. The work departs from a video that is deprived from its representative function through chan-ges in the pixel structure. The organisational pattern of the original video transforms into an an incommunicative mass of distinct elements that is unable to convey something beyond itself.
The abstract composition is connected to reality through the voice-over. Based on an ambi-guous oral description, the spectator has to create his own subjective meaning. Laurent Trezegnies creates the sculptural installation in response to the exhibition space and audiovisual works. It is a sculptural materialisation of the concept, at the same time more con-crete and ephemeral then it‘s audiovisual form.